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This service is intended for dental clinics. This is the fee for which we will come to you and will provide quality control testing of dental X-ray device, dosimetry measurements, and inspection of personal protective equipment, radiation safety documents maintenance, and advice on radiation protection. The service will allow you to plan your company's costs, as every year you will know the amount of money, spent for radiation safety. Also you will no longer have any unexpected costs, as after the failure of the X-ray machine and after its repair, or installing a new one, we will make the necessary quality or dosimetry measurements at no extra charge.

For this tax we will also maintain your radiation safety documents in order to comply all the requirements.

We will perform the measurements of quality, dosimetry and protective equipment before their expiration date; this will allow you to meet the principle of good practice of radiation safety protection, and will diminish the number of checks of Radiation Protection Center.

This service is provided by:

dr. Marius Laurikaitis

Medical physicist

services in whole Lithuania

tel. +370 685 53904

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