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JSC "Medical Physics" established in December 3, 2007. Quality control of X-ray diagnostic equipment, monitoring of workplaces, inspection of protective equipment, consultations of medical physicists, radiation protection project development, and license document management on ionizing radiation are the main activities of our company.

The company has the operating license of ionizing radiation sources (27-02-2008, No. 1453), which entitles the company working in medical physics throughout the territory of the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with approved methodologies conduct:

  • quality control testing of medical devices with ionizing radiation sources;
  • workplaces dosimetry measurements of medical devices with sealed sources, and ionizing radiation generators;
  • workplaces dosimetry measurements of non-medical devices with sealed sources, and ionizing radiation generators workplaces;
  • personal protective equipment testing (setting of lead equivalent).

The company's qualified medical physicists guarantee high quality service.